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About The Institute for Recording Arts, Media and Production

A premiere program across the district, and flagship program for The Academy of Innovation, the Recording Arts, Media and Production (RAMP) program is a true innovator and employees many concepts and content of curriculums currently taught in the Baltimore City Public School System. RAMP’s pride and specialty is promoting critical thinking, problem solving and creativity while providing a relative and challenging environment for the growth and development of its learner participants. The RAMP program prepares the 21st Century learner for current and future success in career pathways in the world of media, entertainment and technology including but not limited to learning applications and mobile device development; audio recording, radio, TV and film; media and show production; web development; introduction to computer science; innovative thinking and various 21st century skillsets and careers. While immersing its learners into these exciting career exploration opportunities, RAMP maximizes these experiences through the infusion and use of relevant applications including but not limited to the employment and practical application of acoustics and physics; communication and teamwork skills; reading, comprehension and research skills; solving math problems; higher level computer/device usage; troubleshooting and much much more. The RAMP program, a school to careers program with its college-like expectations, fueled with its Career Tech and Education (CTE) component -- Interactive Media Production, are preparing its learners for a successful future whether it is college or an engaging entry-level job.

"RAMP is not just a program, it is a way of life --

We Prepare Our Students for Sucess One Production at a Time".
The benefits of the RAMP Program
  • Scholarships are available through participation in our affiliate organizations
  • Skillsets and concepts learned in the RAMP program are scalable and transferable across disciplines and prepare the learner for success in the 21st Century workforce
  • Strong leadership, communication and team development 
  • Graduates are better prepared for college and the real world due to the rigorous training recieved in the RAMP program
  • Development of deep critical thinking and troubleshooting skills

Organization Affiliations: 

Course Offerings 
  • Interactive Media and Production Program 
    • Foundation Courses : 
      • Principles of Arts Media and Communications
      • Interactive Media and Production
    • Pathways
      • Advanced Interactive Media Production (3A)
      • Advanced Simulations and Games (3B)
    • Broadcast Technologies (Radio -TV -Film) (3C)
  • Recording Arts and Production
    • Audio Engineering
    • Live Sound and Lighting
    • Music Production and Engineering (MPE)
    • Senior Seminar
      • Capstone Project
      • Panel Jury
      • Portfolio
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