Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Program (JROTC)

JROTC Members

Enrollment in the Army Junior ROTC Program at Frederick Douglass High School is an important step toward your future. Success in any career requires leadership. The ability to lead can be learned and developed. This is what the JROTC program is about: Leadership, selfdiscipline, and the ability to get things organized. While Army JROTC provides an opportunity to acquire basic military skills, its primary goal is to develop good citizens. In this regard, you must never lose sight of the fact that you are a citizen of your high school, your community and your country, the United States of America.

Upon graduation from high school, you may choose to enroll in college and continue your ROTC training in the Senior Division. Two and four year programs, including scholarships for those who qualify, are available. If you do not plan to attend college and instead desire to enter military service directly after high school, your Army JROTC background can still help you regardless of the branch of service you choose. Even if you are not interested in the military as a career (and there is absolutely no obligation with your participation in our high school program) we know that employers want young men and women who know how to accept responsibility and to lead others. In addition, they know that the JROTC program teaches just that.

If you want to learn of and develop your leadership skills; if you want to be a better disciplined individual; if you enjoy being mentally and physically challenged; if you want to be a team member as well as someone that others are willing to look up to and follow; and, most importantly, if you are willing to “do the right thing!”, then, welcome to Frederick Douglass High School Army Junior ROTC Cadet Corps and the Mighty Duck Battalion.

There is NO Cost to Cadets to Join JROTC: Uniforms, equipment and textbooks are issued to the cadet at no cost.

What is JROTC all about?

The JROTC Mission: “To motivate Young People to be Better Citizens” by developing in each cadet the following: Good citizenship, self reliance, leadership, responsiveness to constituted authority, knowledge of basic military skills, appreciation of the role of the US Army in support of national objectives, ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and appreciation of the importance of physical fitness.

Program Objectives: To develop in each cadet:

  • The fundamentals of self-discipline, integrity and a sense of responsibility.
  • An appreciation of the role of a participating citizen in matters dealing with national defense.
  • The ability to evaluate situations, to make decisions, to understand people and to practice those attributes considered essential in a leader.

Benefits of the JROTC Program:

  • Two credits towards graduation are awarded for each full year JROTC is successfully completed.
  • An opportunity to earn a scholarship to a college of your choice, providing the college already offers Senior JROTC.
  • An additional opportunity to apply for admission to one of the military academies.
  • Participation in social activities conducted by the Cadet Corps.
  • Opportunity to make orientation visits to various military installations during the school year.
  • Participation in up to four overnight field trips in which you will have the opportunity to build rope bridges, rappel from an 80 foot tower, compete in day and night land navigation and orienteering courses, participate in an eighteen station Leadership Reaction Course, and much, much more, all while staying on a United States Army Fort.
  • Opportunity to earn recognition through the Awards and Promotion System.
  • A chance to develop a skill on several special teams to include Color Guard, Armed and Unarmed Drill Teams, Raiders Challenge Team and the Orienteering Team.
  • An opportunity to enlist in one of the military services at a higher grade, receiving higher pay and faster promotions
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