General Student Conduct

All students will agree to obey school rules and policies while they are in school, and at school functions off campus. If they fail to do so, they must accept the consequences for breaking the rules.
All students are expected to conduct themselves as honest, polite, and respectful young adults. A good attitude, self-discipline, and a willingness to work hard are key ingredients for success.
Frederick Douglass High School begins a new school year with the mission of ensuring that all children can learn and become College Ready. There are City schools policies governing student behavior that permit the opportunities for education to flow without distractions. We want our students to exhibit their best at all times in their effort to model the Douglass motto of “Pride, Dignity and Excellence.” Therefore, adherence to the following is required:

  1. Students, parents and friends are not to bring food/drinks into the school for students to consume during the school day.
  2. Cell phones are to be off while students are in the building. Students who violate this rules, will have their cell phone confiscated and returned at the end of the school day (1st offense). Should this occur again, the cell phone will be returned to the parent (2nd offense). A 3rd offense will result in the return of the cell phone at the end of school year.
  3. The procedure described in #2 applies to CDs, DVDs, I-Pods, 2-way pagers earphones/headphones, beepers, radios, walk-men, caps, hats, Doo-Rags, cell phone cameras and any other electronic communication devices.

In order to create a positive learning environment for all students, it is necessary to establish clear behavioral expectations for everyone in the Baltimore City Public School System. The City Schools Student Code of Conduct was developed to ensure that students learn appropriate behavior so they may succeed in life and participate in a democratic society. It is written for the entire school community and describes the types of inappropriate or disruptive behaviors that are unacceptable in the school setting. The Code includes prevention and intervention strategies to be used before and with any disciplinary response. Each student and parent will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct.

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